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Down & Derby

The 2013 roller derby season is upon us, with the local Des Moines Derby Dames and Crash Test Dolls opening up at home with dominating wins over the Cedar Rapids Roller Girls and Fly Over Femme Fatales.

Below are a few highlights from the bouts.  Be sure to check out the full galleries for a few hundred more shots of these hard-core girls and awesome teams!

Crash Test Dolls vs Fly Over Femme Fatales Full Gallery
Des Moines Derby Dames vs Cedar Rapids Roller Girls Full Gallery

Derby-001-159-1DX_91196 Derby-002-016-5D3_12653 Derby-003-020-1DX_90521 Derby-004-101-1DX_90736 Derby-005-041-5D3_12751 Derby-006-099-1DX_90731 Derby-007-027-1DX_90444 Derby-008-036-1DX_90500 Derby-009-014-5D3_12651 Derby-010-241-1DX_91487 Derby-011-032-1DX_90546 Derby-012-033-1DX_90551 Derby-013-041-1DX_90575 Derby-014-140-1DX_90824 Derby-015-064-1DX_90632 Derby-016-038-1DX_90564 Derby-017-109-1DX_91066 Derby-018-042-1DX_90579 Derby-019-054-1DX_90608 Derby-020-069-1DX_90643 Derby-021-113-1DX_91076 Derby-022-129-1DX_91128 Derby-023-148-1DX_91180 Derby-024-168-1DX_90893 Derby-025-197-1DX_91335 Derby-026-202-1DX_91351 Derby-027-229-1DX_91446 Derby-028-211-1DX_91380 Derby-029-226-1DX_91433 Derby-030-232-1DX_91457 Derby-031-246-1DX_91502 Derby-032-247-1DX_91503 Derby-033-250-1DX_91512 Derby-034-081-1DX_90990 Derby-035-150-1DX_91183 Derby-036-271-1DX_91579 Derby-037-303-5D3_12819

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