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Cirque du Soleil – Dralion

Opening night at Cirque du Soleil – Dralion

Dralion features 50 members in its performance troupe, of which a about 5 or 6 play principal characters.

Azala (air): Azala is the goddess of Air, keeper of the sun and the guardian of immortality. She appears dressed in blue.
Gaya (earth): Gaya is the goddess of Earth, dressed in ochre.
Océane (water): Oceane is the sensual goddess of Water, dressed in green.
Yao (fire): Yao is the god of fire, both good and evil. He appears dressed in red.
L’Âme Force: The vocalists of Dralion symbolize harmony between the four elements. The lyrics they sing are an invented language.
Dralions: Dralions are mythical creatures inspired by the imagery of the Chinese lion dance and dragon dance.
Clowns: The clowns manage to push this otherwise harmonious universe slightly off-kilter.
Little Buddha: The Little Buddha is the chosen child. Although he possesses powers that will eventually allow him to become an Âme-Force, he dreams of being a regular child.

View the full Cirque Gallery

View the full Cirque Gallery

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